…What is beauty?

Beauty to us is what covers 70% of this earth. Whether it be an ocean or a river system, the amount of life that thrives above and below is incredible. To this day we are still discovering new species, but at the same time we are pushing others to the brink of extinction. You really have to stop and think, how much longer can we take this beauty for granted?

Tide Apparel is a brand that wants to provide quality products to people who share the same passion as us. Whether you love going fishing or just being on the water, just remember we want this beautiful gift to be appreciated and enjoyed forever. Let’s band together and make it happen.



Tide Logo

Tide Apparel is a brand built off values. Our main focus is RESPECT OUR WATERWAYS. Through our designs we hope to create awareness so that our kids can enjoy what we have.As we are a brand that is dedicated to the ocean and fisherman, we want to give back as much as we can to the industry that we love!