Tom Slater

Name: Tom Slater

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Favourtie Music: Mix between genres. Chet Faker gets a solid run. But I don’t mind something a little heavier like The Story So Far or Amity Affliction once in a while.

Name 3 items you cant live without: GoPro, Phone & Boat!

What is your username on Instagram: @Tommyslats

What got you into fishing: My Father used to take me fishing as a kid, then we didn’t do much fishing when we moved to Brisbane. Around 17 I watched some AFC on TV and soon after bought a little tinny with a mate to start lure fishing

 What do you love most about fishing: The tackle, I love prepping and working on stuff well before I ever hit the water.

What is your favourite style of fishing: Jerkbaiting for Aussie Bass

Favourtie Species: Mangrove Jack

What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: It’s normally a shorter day if I’m just social fishing. The perfect social day for me would be a 4 hour session on the Coomera in summer. A late storm brewing and hopefully a few jacks hitting the deck.

What is your dream fishing destination: I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few on my bucket list already like the GBR, Florida, Japan and Christmas Island. I’d probably have to say some more fishing in the USA is sitting at the top for now.

Where do you hope to see the fishing industry in 5 years time: Hopefully growing, there is more young people into fishing now than ever before. I think young people need to realise the fishing industry is just like any other industry. To be successful you need to dedicate your time and effort into learning and appreciating how it works. It’s so easy these days to jump on social media and create a profile for yourself. But it takes a lot more than that to be able to make a living in this industry. As it grows I hope more young kids get the opportunity I have been given and take to it like ducks to water. As I do believe some youthful exuberance is what’s needed in some areas at the moment.

 Any thanks: The good guys at 13 Fishing for letting me do what I love for a living!