Taylor Smith

Name: Taylor Smith

Location: Eagleby (unfortunately)

Favourite Music: ummm anything really haha what ever sounds good at the time …. except hillsong there is never a good time for that.

Name 3 items you cannot live without: My kayak, Canadian Club, and my iphone for sureeee

What is your username on instagram: TEASMITHY < go follow that!

What got you into fishing: The entire side of my Fathers family have always fished, Dad got me into it early and it stuck, and I am stoked it has.

What do you love most about fishing: The simple fact of getting away from everything, the serenity, there is no other feeling being on the water chasing my favourite fish.

What is your favourite style of fishing: Lure fishing and Kayak fishing, I grew up bait fishing the Logan and Albert rivers with my Dad for Mullloway but in the last few years I have switched too lures, and yak fishing is just fun the places a yak can take you are insane and hooking good fish and being towed around by them is just so badass

Favourite Species and why: hmmm that’s so hard too answer but too try narrow it down id say both Mary and Murray Cod, I don’t get too fish as much as I would like for them but nothing beats the power and the strength they have, they are the bulldozers of the Fresh.

What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: usually getting too the river or creek well before sunrise too get that surface bite then usually  11-13 hours of paddling, fishing, walking, getting sunburnt, climbing and exploring too get too those less fished places. hard work but its all too hard not too know what is around the next corner!

What is your dream fishing destination: hmmm that’s tough but either down the Murray where they still pull 100lb+ cod or on one of GTrocks search expeditions chasing monster GT’s, dogtooth and other crazy big fish on topwater.

Where do you hope too see the industry in 5 years time: as long as its still progressing forwards in Advancements in Tackle I will be stoked, one thing I would like too see is harsher penalty’s for illegal fishing, and things actually being done too combat it! else I wont have anything too show my kids like my Dad has showed me. Respect Our Waterways .

Thanks: My family obviously for putting up with tackle and line and crap that was always left around the house hahaha  for showing me this great sport and teaching me the respect it deservers, my brother and Keegan for being one of the few people I know too trek and put in a stupid amount of effort for fish, big or small and  also Richo from Tide for everything so far and everything too come! once were skatepark arch enemies now were here ahhaah #tidefamily!