Scott Bird

Name: Scott bird

 Location: Terrey hills, nsw

Favourite music: Hardcore, metalcore, acoustic and rap

Name 3 items you cannot live without: 3 items I can not live without would be my iPod, my microphone And ofcourse my fishing gear.

 What is your username on instagram: Scottxbird

 What got you into fishing: I have my dad to thank for getting me into fishing when I was a kid. He used to take me out on the boat and I have loved it ever since.

 What do you love most about fishing: The thing I love most about fishing is the pleasure and satisfaction of hooking and landing something you have been chasing, enjoying the amazing creature that it is and then releasing it back to fight another day.

What is you favourite style of fishing: My favorite style of fishing would have to be land based freshwater. I love finding new waterholes or tiny ponds and streams and adventuring along them flicking soft plastics and other lures. A lot of the time not knowing what may be in them so it makes it more exciting!

 Favourite species and why: Although I love the freshwater and the bass fishing. My favorite species would have to be the kingfish. The aggression and fight of a king is something all fisherman need to experience!

 What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: A normal day of fishing really depends on what I’m chasing. If it’s kings in Sydney harbour then it would be 5am boat launch, head straight out to middle head and other spots to get the live squid. After that it’s straight to the boys and north head for the kings! Other then that, evening walks on the flats at Narrabeen lake or Manly dam are a good way to end the day.

What is your dream fishing destination: My dream fishing destination.. That has endless answers. But to choose one id have to say the Kimberly. The variety and abundance of fish in the surrounding waters is any fisherman’s dream!

 Any thanks: I’d like to thank my old man for getting me started in this bloody good sport. Also a massive thanks to Nick and Tide Apparel for having me being a part of this awesome family! Cheers boss!