Reid Cuninghame

Name: Reid Cuninghame

Location: NSW

Favourtie Music: Rock and Blues

Name 3 items you cant live without: Fishing gear, Camera and Rifles.

What is your username on Instagram: @reidcuninghame

What got you into fishing: I guess, i always lived on the farm and we have a river system close to home. I was always curious to see what was in there and i heard stories of big fish being caught. So i started fishing.

What do you love most about fishing: The adrenaline rush, the places it takes you and the fish in general.

What is your favourite style of fishing: Top water for big Murray Cod.

Favourtie Species: Murray Cod and Yellow Belly

What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: Wake up around 3am, get to the river around 4am and then fish until 7-8am. Then head off to work, get home around 5pm and then head back out to the river around 6pm – 12am at night.

What is your dream fishing destination: I don’t exactly have one place in particular. I would love to travel the world and catch different species in different countries.

 Where do you hope to see the fishing industry in 5 years time: If i had it my way, it would all be catch and release fishing. I feel as if people abuse bag limits and keep fish/species they are not meant to.

 Any thanks: Thanks to Nick and Josh from Tide Apparel. All my mates i fish with and hang out with. My family and girlfriend. Also all my followers on social media.