Mathew Scholz

Name: Mathew Scholz

Location: Brisbane Wellington pt

Favourtie Music: Really don’t mind a bit of everything but when were on the boat chasing especially the pelagics it has to have an epic drop for when the fish hopefully strikes.

Name 3 items you cant live without: My Boat, Car and the Pop set up

What is your username on Instagram: Pelagicpersuit

What got you into fishing: The biggest thing that got me hooked on fishing was my Dad. He was my idol and I don’t go a single day fishing without thinking about him – knowing that if it wasn’t for him, I would never be where I am today.

 What do you love most about fishing: Is defintly the pursuit and challenge of chasing elusive species like GT’s in our own water around Stradbroke Island. There is something very special about the couple of minutes when someone places that fish on your lap for a couple of pictures. Looking down and knowing how many hours and casts have been put into that is where it is at for me.

What is your favourite style of fishing: There is only one style of fishing for me and that would have to be surface fishing and in particular Pelagics. More often then you think you’ll actually watch the fish come in and stalk the lure, its the few seconds after that where you get to read the fishes mood and entice a strike which is unbeatable.

Favourtie Species: Definitly the mighty GT. The strike the fight and the power is unbeatable and i think the only thing that is going to come close to beating them is hopefully getting the chance to get on the flats and chase small Billfish on Fly.

What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: Average day for me starts the day before, reading the wind and tides to the species which are firing at the time. Taking a lot of people on the boat they don’t realise the planning and strategies behind the days fishing. i start with the wind and which fish we’ll be able to target, next is tides and as the day goes on which tides suit these species best, putting the day into segments of best bite times. then finally which boat ramp to use so on the way home i can cover certain water hopefully coming across a sneaky Longtail. ohh and then tying them FG’s knowing you’ll be ready as soon as you pull up.

What is your dream fishing destination: Ultimate destination for me would be a few weeks around Christmas Island flats fishing and learning it all for myself and i think the rewards in that would be so epics.

Where do you hope to see the fishing industry in 5 years time: Im really hopping the fishing industry in 5 years times brings in buyable tags for fishing certain green zones. Example Flat Rock off Stradbroke Island its a grey nurse sanctuary and so for that turned into a green zone against fisherman hooking them and causing harm. Never in the history of fishing has there been a grey nurse cause on a surface lure. Why can’t we buy a permit to fish flat rock on surface targeting the unbelievable Pelagics which surround it, with the permits costs going into more fish research.

 Any thanks: A massive thanks to Andymck who’s photos over the last few fishing trips have been notices by all the right people for their quality and his different approach to taking a picture. Legend