James Holt

Name: James Holt
Location: Noosa, QLD
Favourite music: Aussie hiphop
Names 3 items you cannot live without: kayak, 4×4 and fishing gear
What is your username on Instagram: james_a_holt
What got you into fishing: My dad would always take us out in the boat chasing big flathead on the noosa river, and my brother taught me so much as well, he is one of the best fisherman I know.
What do you love most about fishing: I think it’s the fact that everyday is different you never no what to expect and when everything goes to plan and you catch your target species there is no better feeling.
What is your favourite style of fishing: Rock fishing with plastics would be up there, I love finding new spots and not knowing what your going to hook next.
Favourite species and why: Australian Bass, there aggression and strength is second to none, catching big bass on plastics in tight timber is insane.
What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: Sorting out lures and rods the night before, dare ice coffee in the morning and casting lures all day!
What is your dream fishing destination: Fishing for Bonefish on Christmas Island on the flats with lures would have to be up there.
Where do you hope to see the fishing industry in 5 years time: I would like to see a lot more restrictions on commercial fishing to allow fish to actually breed.
Any thanks: Thanks to Nick from Tide Apparel for making me a part of the tide apparel family and thanks to my dad and my brother for getting me into fishing.
james holt