Andrew Mckinstray

Name: Andy Mckinstray

Location: North Brisbane

Favourite music: Something I can relax too, don’t mind me a bit of lounge Jazz.

Name 3 items you cannot live without: Fishing setup, Camera, Food.

What is your username on instagram: @andymck

What got you into fishing: The old boy

What do you love most about fishing: the places you come across, working for fish, watching the fish swim away.

What is you favourite style of fishing: working hardbodys in tight structure.

Favourite species and why: AUSTRALIAN BASS, little pocket rockets super fun to target, and can be found in the most peaceful of places.

What does an average day of fishing usually consist of for you: An early start, Iced coffee, plenty of rigging up, lots of photos and a bloody good time.

What is your dream fishing destination: Probably some un fished waters in the Coral sea.

Where do you hope to see the fishing industry in 5 years time? Thriving even further so then it is today, its growing massively and so long as people respect the rules and guidelines of fishing it shall continue to do so for quite some time.

Any thanks: Thanks to all the Tide boys, thanks to the people I fish with, and thanks to the old man for introducing me to something I can progress with until the day I die.